Friday, 30 March 2012

What is the most expensive coffee in Britain?

The news headlines have been astonished by the price of a particular type of coffee which is on the market at the moment. Notwithstanding the economic gloom, there are still people in the country who are willing to pay a pretty penny for a cup of coffee.

What sort of coffee is attracting high payments? And how much are people paying?

The answer to this latter question is rather astonishing – Kopi Luwak coffee is on the market for a cool £70 per cup. Rather impressive no?

And the answer to the former question – what is so special about this coffee – is also rather astonishing. The coffee is created thanks to the help of a furry, weasel-like animal called the luwaks. These creatures have a particular talent for hunting down and consuming the best red, ripe coffee cherries. And why does this matter? What difference do the eating habits of this animal make to the coffee lovers of the world? 
The answer is rather strange – the coffee beans are not digestible by the luwak and pass right through the digestive system. Farmers take these beans from the droppings of the creatures, clean them and use them to create an usual blend of coffee.

And it is this substance that coffee lovers are willing to pay a king's ransom for!

Where can you find these beans in Britain? Have a good hunt around, but DSTRKT in London is a newly opened venue and has these beans for sale.

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