Friday, 16 March 2012

American coffee symposium ahoy!

The world is getting better and better at celebrating coffee in all its different forms. There are local and national coffee festivals, Barista World Championships and those at national level too, latte art competitions, coffee tastings, not to mention the many, many coffee mornings the world over.

However, America also has a particular way of celebrating the beverage and this is a long held tradition. What is it? For the twenty-fourth year, the Specialty Coffee Association of America will hold its Annual Exposition and Symposium. This year's event is to take place in Portland Oregon.

It is something of a magnet for those in the coffee industry. If you were lucky enough to be in the area in April this year, you could expect to see many different professionals from the world of coffee, ranging from countries all over the globe. One of the focuses of the event is to showcase the new strategies, trends, techniques and coffee-related products on the market. In the symposium element of the gathering, there will be discussions and debates about the general and important issues affecting the coffee industry and, in particular, it is said that the matters of quality and sustainability will be on the agenda.

The equivalent event in 2010 was a great success and over 8,000 people arrived to check out the current climate and issues in the coffee industry and the exhibition area included over 700 exhibition booths which showcased all sorts of products on the market.

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