Monday, 12 March 2012

McDonalds to expand in Wales and the UK

The employment figures in Wales have been a little disheartening of late. Many of us have been affected by the economic problems across the globe, with the attendant debts and cuts in spending, which includes issues of unemployment. Wales has been affected, as has much of the country. Reported figures have said that unemployment in the region have reached 8.5%.

However, according to reports in the news, there is also some good news on the horizon in terms of the catering sector. The fast food chain, McDonald's, has made a recent announcement that it intends to create some 125 new job opportunities in the area in 2012. Encouragingly, it has also been said that around 30% of these new posts will be aimed at first-time workers – one of the big problems for the young generation is to get experience to work themselves up the career ladder. The opportunities offered by McDonald's start them on their way.

There is also good news for the rest of the United Kingdom – the reports are that some 2,500 posts will also be created this year and over 50% of these will also be intended for youngsters, said to be under 25 years of age.

The Deputy Prime Minister has been quoted as applauding the new proposals, drawing attention to the company's reputation for development of its workforce, training and apprenticeship schemes.

It is said that the company has made 13,500 new jobs available over the past 36 months.

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