Sunday, 18 March 2012

Good news – new jobs ahead?

If you work in the restaurant industry in Great Britain, there has been an encouraging word of new jobs in the news recently. What's the story? It's reported that The Restaurant Group may be seeking to create around 600 jobs in the catering industry in 2012. These posts would be generated by the opening of a planned 25 to 30 new eateries over the new year.

The company has had success recently, even during the global economic downturn and associated problems. In 2010, it is said that 500 new jobs were created as a result of the opening of 25 new restaurants. The Restaurant Group includes popular eateries such as Garfunkels and Chiquito, together with a series of pub outlets too, as part of its portfolio presence in the industry.

Profits are also up. Compared with the turnover in 2010, the company has apparently announced that its turnover has been boosted by 7.25%. Also, the profits last year were apparently better than they were in the year before. It looks as if good things are happening for the canny company, despite the tough economic conditions.

The Restaurant Group has a wide portfolio that crosses the country. For those seeking employment, this is good news. Also take into consideration that in all probability there would be a cross section of jobs made available. The company has certainly been canny so far and is hoping to maintain the delivery of profits in the coming year too.

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