Friday, 9 March 2012

Brigg makes huge contribution to Macmillan Cancer Support

Macmillan Cancer Support does a wonderful job in helping those who need care when suffering from cancer and also offers practical support to those involved with cancer patients. However, the community of Brigg should be proud of itself too, in terms of the help that it has given the charity as a result of its tireless campaigning and fund-raising in 2011.

The Brigg group worked very hard last year to raise funds for the cancer charity. One of the last events was a good old-fashioned coffee morning at the Sutton Arms in Scawby using catering equipment. They have also made collections at well-known supermarkets and by means of other activities.

What were the total funds raised in Brigg in 2011? According to reports, the community raised an impressive £13,000 towards the good cause.

In fact, Macmillan has also had fantastic success with its 'World Biggest Coffee Morning' campaign over the past year. All over the country, coffee mornings, using catering equipment, were held to raise funds for the charity. The money is still rolling in, but as at 4 January, the figure advertised on the charity website indicated that they had collected just over £9.5 million from the coffee morning project last year.

What will the charity do with the money it raises? It aims to improve the lives of cancer-sufferers together with their families and carers. Did you realise that a third of Brits will statistically contract cancer during their lives? It is a disease that touches on most people's lives, whether directly or indirectly.

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