Thursday, 23 June 2011

Women entrepreneurs are starting more businesses than men

The Australian report is in: women have got a lot of get up and go, when it comes to starting a new business. Take Ms Arias, for example, who has followed her passion and her dream by starting a new Fairtrade coffee company. She believes that it is in women's DNA to nurture, whether it is a child, a business, or an ethical view of the business world.

It seems that the ladies in Australia have beaten the men in launching their businesses. However, this is not the end of the story – recent reports also show that the owners of small businesses are more likely to be male, than female (with similar odds – two to one).

Women are improving at manifesting their business dreams – around 7% over the last half-decade, whereas only 1.9% of men did the same thing. These figures have been ascribed to a research project by BankWest employing data from the Bureau of Statistics.

Coffee and Coffee Machines are seeing a global increase in demand.

Ms Arias, who founded the Republica Coffee company (as reported above) has certainly made a go of her business. Now the employer of five workers, her coffee company was ranked as one of the fastest-growers by BRW. She has also been recognised by the City of Sydney as a real player in the coffee industry and bagged the prize for the Small Business Award a couple of years ago. She says that she has been able to succeed so well in the business world, juggling her family life too, because she has such a supportive partner.

Monday, 13 June 2011

New Coffee lover App designed in Hampstead

A self-confessed coffee geek, Derek Lamberton, has come up with an app that has received much applause from other coffee lovers. It also featured in The Sunday Times top app list. What is so special about his creation?

This Hampstead-dwelling coffee connoisseur has come up with an idea to help give coffee advice to the growing coffee experts on the London coffee circuit. As Mr Lamberton knows his coffee beans, he discovered that friends and colleagues were often asking him for advice about the best places to get a good cup of joe. As a result, he devised an app that would collect his tips about the best places for a cuppa and the best beans etc but nothing about catering equipment

The application is designed for both iPhone and android phones and gives the low down on more than 70 coffee establishments - from cafes to stalls – and their wares, plus details about coffee beans and an option to cast your own vote as to the best place to get a cup. It has proved so popular in fact that the app has been created for other great metropolis' with a good coffee scene in America, New York and San Francisco.

Mr Lamberton has explained one of the reasons he loves coffee in a recent interview – whereas wine snobs need serious cash to indulge their tastes in high-end wine, coffee connoisseurs do not have to break the bank to enjoy a great cup of coffee with the finest ingredients. Coffee snobbery, by comparison, is better value for money and much more affordable, much like catering equipment.

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Falcon Catering Equipment

Falcon Catering Equipment is a leading manufacturer of affordable and professional quality equipment for the commercial catering industry and its operations are UK based. Its range includes grills, fryers, steamers, ranges, combination ovens and more - and the company's expertise in cooking equipment is formidable.

We stock a number of Falcon Catering Equipment's most popular items and different models are available in each line. We sell Falcon Catering Equipment hotplates which offer features including simple switches, neon power indicators, energy efficient ratings, streamlined designs for safe and compact use and fast heating times. Different models are available with one and two hotplates or more, depending on the size of your operation.

The bain marie range is offered with different power levels and stainless steel pots and the controls are managed thermostatically to ensure the most even distribution of heat.

The Falcon Catering Equipment grills have different shelf options and central regulated heat outputs for even finishes. They are also easy clean and made in stainless steel for a smart and hygienic finish, which will last the test of time. The line of griddles are also thermostatically controlled and have heavy duty pans, which are easy to clean and have integral guards against oil spatters and with drawers to collect running oil and fat.

We also offer countertop fryers which are compact and ideal for streamlined commercial kitchens, with integral and hygienic oil drains, automated timers and easy cleaning 'lift out' elements.

Many of our customers choose to buy complementary products from our other leading manufacturers, including Bravilor. We stock a range of Bravilor water filters and coffee making equipment and replacement parts, amongst other products.

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Victor catering equipment

Victor catering equipment is great for holding cold and hot foods, storage and moving. The brand have been manufacturing high quality catering equipment for over 50 years and have been a favourite with restaurants, hotels, cafes and sporting arenas since they were established.

The brand is particularly well known for its excellent hot cupboards and Bain Maries, but they also make food service counters and refrigerated display units. In terms of hot cupboards, there is something to suit every kind of establishment, regardless of the space available; there are modestly sized top plate warmer models to generously sized two tiered units powered by gas.

The latest features are combined with easy servicing, simple to use mechanics and cleanability, making Victor catering equipment an excellent choice for any type of kitchen. There are heavy duty pieces of equipment which are built specifically for large busy kitchen, such as holiday centres, schools, conference centres, universities, restaurants and hotels.

The toppers collection by this company provides caterers with a vast choice of refrigerated and heated counter top models which are suited to a wide variety of display and food holding applications. The refrigerated display units available from Victor catering equipment come in all shapes and sizes and so can fit into almost any space seamlessly.

The range of products available from this brand of catering equipment is made with a stainless steel finish, which is as stylish as it is functional and practical. Cleaning stainless steel is simple and quick, saving you time and money in the kitchen.

Friday, 3 June 2011

Burco Catering Equipment

Burco Catering Equipment is one of the UK's best known manufacturers of catering equipment, offering a wide range of excellent value commercial catering items. We're delighted to offer some of the most popular items in their range, which includes toasters, grills, oven ranges, coffee machines, counter-top equipment, mobile handwashers and water boilers. Every item in the range is offered at affordable prices for top-quality professional equipment and everything that Burco produces is manufactured here in the UK.

One of the most popular lines is the Burco Catering Equipment range of Titan products, generated from the popularity of their six burner oven range. These include the Titan four and six burner gas oven, duel fuel and other stoves and hobs.

Most product lines are offered on an ascending basis according to your catering needs. Basic items are perfect for smaller outlets and mobile catering units and for high volume demand and large catering or event operations, there are high-end, advanced specification models available to satisfy even the most demanding catering environments.

Other complementary items are available via our site, through top quality manufacturers such as Sammic. The Sammic blenders - both hand-held and counter-top are very popular with our smaller catering operations and fantastic for soups, sauces and desserts.

As with everything offered on the site, we offer the benefit of our friendly and knowledgeable customer service team who are there to help you find what you need and advise on the best item for your requirements. We offer financing and payment plans and flexible delivery dates, with an experienced team who can help install and remove larger ticket items and help advise on set up and start.

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Coffee and chocolate – match made in heaven?

Let's face it. If we weren't paying attention to the size of our waistline, many of us would happily have a dessert after every meal. And another thing – we love coffee too. After a main meal it is the traditional time to drink some caffeine-elixir, (or with breakfast, our morning snack… anytime in truth)!

A new website has cottoned on to our love of chocolate and coffee and catering equipment and has designed a series of recipes so that these two ingredients can be married together – chocolate dessert recipes to eat with coffee. The site also has some additional information to help coffee/chocolate lovers – details about health implications of the ingredients, coffee roasting techniques, the history of both chocolate and coffee and so much more – even reviews of coffee makers… The mastermind behind the website is a Canadian company with a track record for similar products in the past. They had a successful website online magazine for soups and sauces and also another for smoothies and health. They tap into the tastebuds, interests and eating habits of foodies and give them the information they seek such as on catering equipment.

The recipes on the chocolate – coffee website are easy and user-friendly so that anyone can have a go at home. They also help to save money – a topical issue in these uncertain economic times when we are all tightening our belts – and provide cost-effective alternatives to eating out.