Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Coffee and chocolate – match made in heaven?

Let's face it. If we weren't paying attention to the size of our waistline, many of us would happily have a dessert after every meal. And another thing – we love coffee too. After a main meal it is the traditional time to drink some caffeine-elixir, (or with breakfast, our morning snack… anytime in truth)!

A new website has cottoned on to our love of chocolate and coffee and catering equipment and has designed a series of recipes so that these two ingredients can be married together – chocolate dessert recipes to eat with coffee. The site also has some additional information to help coffee/chocolate lovers – details about health implications of the ingredients, coffee roasting techniques, the history of both chocolate and coffee and so much more – even reviews of coffee makers… The mastermind behind the website is a Canadian company with a track record for similar products in the past. They had a successful website online magazine for soups and sauces and also another for smoothies and health. They tap into the tastebuds, interests and eating habits of foodies and give them the information they seek such as on catering equipment.

The recipes on the chocolate – coffee website are easy and user-friendly so that anyone can have a go at home. They also help to save money – a topical issue in these uncertain economic times when we are all tightening our belts – and provide cost-effective alternatives to eating out.

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