Monday, 13 June 2011

New Coffee lover App designed in Hampstead

A self-confessed coffee geek, Derek Lamberton, has come up with an app that has received much applause from other coffee lovers. It also featured in The Sunday Times top app list. What is so special about his creation?

This Hampstead-dwelling coffee connoisseur has come up with an idea to help give coffee advice to the growing coffee experts on the London coffee circuit. As Mr Lamberton knows his coffee beans, he discovered that friends and colleagues were often asking him for advice about the best places to get a good cup of joe. As a result, he devised an app that would collect his tips about the best places for a cuppa and the best beans etc but nothing about catering equipment

The application is designed for both iPhone and android phones and gives the low down on more than 70 coffee establishments - from cafes to stalls – and their wares, plus details about coffee beans and an option to cast your own vote as to the best place to get a cup. It has proved so popular in fact that the app has been created for other great metropolis' with a good coffee scene in America, New York and San Francisco.

Mr Lamberton has explained one of the reasons he loves coffee in a recent interview – whereas wine snobs need serious cash to indulge their tastes in high-end wine, coffee connoisseurs do not have to break the bank to enjoy a great cup of coffee with the finest ingredients. Coffee snobbery, by comparison, is better value for money and much more affordable, much like catering equipment.

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