Thursday, 23 June 2011

Women entrepreneurs are starting more businesses than men

The Australian report is in: women have got a lot of get up and go, when it comes to starting a new business. Take Ms Arias, for example, who has followed her passion and her dream by starting a new Fairtrade coffee company. She believes that it is in women's DNA to nurture, whether it is a child, a business, or an ethical view of the business world.

It seems that the ladies in Australia have beaten the men in launching their businesses. However, this is not the end of the story – recent reports also show that the owners of small businesses are more likely to be male, than female (with similar odds – two to one).

Women are improving at manifesting their business dreams – around 7% over the last half-decade, whereas only 1.9% of men did the same thing. These figures have been ascribed to a research project by BankWest employing data from the Bureau of Statistics.

Coffee and Coffee Machines are seeing a global increase in demand.

Ms Arias, who founded the Republica Coffee company (as reported above) has certainly made a go of her business. Now the employer of five workers, her coffee company was ranked as one of the fastest-growers by BRW. She has also been recognised by the City of Sydney as a real player in the coffee industry and bagged the prize for the Small Business Award a couple of years ago. She says that she has been able to succeed so well in the business world, juggling her family life too, because she has such a supportive partner.

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