Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Falcon Catering Equipment

Falcon Catering Equipment is a leading manufacturer of affordable and professional quality equipment for the commercial catering industry and its operations are UK based. Its range includes grills, fryers, steamers, ranges, combination ovens and more - and the company's expertise in cooking equipment is formidable.

We stock a number of Falcon Catering Equipment's most popular items and different models are available in each line. We sell Falcon Catering Equipment hotplates which offer features including simple switches, neon power indicators, energy efficient ratings, streamlined designs for safe and compact use and fast heating times. Different models are available with one and two hotplates or more, depending on the size of your operation.

The bain marie range is offered with different power levels and stainless steel pots and the controls are managed thermostatically to ensure the most even distribution of heat.

The Falcon Catering Equipment grills have different shelf options and central regulated heat outputs for even finishes. They are also easy clean and made in stainless steel for a smart and hygienic finish, which will last the test of time. The line of griddles are also thermostatically controlled and have heavy duty pans, which are easy to clean and have integral guards against oil spatters and with drawers to collect running oil and fat.

We also offer countertop fryers which are compact and ideal for streamlined commercial kitchens, with integral and hygienic oil drains, automated timers and easy cleaning 'lift out' elements.

Many of our customers choose to buy complementary products from our other leading manufacturers, including Bravilor. We stock a range of Bravilor water filters and coffee making equipment and replacement parts, amongst other products.

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