Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Parry Catering Equipment

Parry Catering Equipment

We stock the whole range of Parry Catering Equipment, manufactured by one of the leading catering brands in the UK.

Parry Catering Equipment has over thirty years of manufacturing experience in the professional catering industry and the company focuses on UK based production, supporting the UK manufacturing industry and ensuring that every product is fit for the British commercial catering market.

The range of Parry Catering Equipment is extensive and all products in the range are of the highest quality and offered at great prices.

We offer Parry bain maries, made from stainless steels and with piezo ignition and temperature controls, available in four or six pot options, along with boiling tops, which are either free standing or designed for heavy-duty table top use, with sizes varying from 3-900 mm wide.

Other products in the range include Chargrills, chest freezers, chilled merchandisers, contact grills, chip scuttles, convection ovens, counter top fryers, dual fuel ranges, electric griddles, dumb waiters, free standing fryers, fridge counters, gas griddles and ranges, heated display units and hot cupboards, ice machines, LPG mobile catering equipment, pasta boilers, pizza makers, potato ovens, slices, preparation tables, water boilers and more!

All items in our range are offered with full warranties and flexible financing is available for larger ticket items. Delivery is fast and efficient with our expert installers who will ensure that your new piece of kitchen equipment is installed and ready to go and our friendly customer services team is just at the other end of the line to help.

Monday, 28 November 2011

Britain is the place to be for hotel developments

When it comes to the hotel industry, there is good news for the British. According to recent reports, the United Kingdom could be destined for some serious action in the hotel industry in the coming years who will need catering equipment.

Of course, as we are bombarded at every turn with gloomy economic outlooks and miserable stories of spiraling debt and unemployment, long projections for recovery rates in the markets and other such tales, this is indeed welcome news.

The UK was picked out as the place of choice for development schemes for new hotels, as reported in a Deloitte survey, which has been carried out recently. According to reports, a healthy 46% claimed that they would pick the UK rather than France, Germany, Italy and Spain for their new projects which might need catering equipment. The runner up was Germany, which had almost a third of the votes. France had 16% and came in third place of preference.

There is another encouraging statistic too – according to PKF, the regional hotels in the country had an increase of 2.2% occupancy in September.

However, all is not completely rosy on the horizon. Reported quotes from Nick van Marken at Deloitte has said that the general picture is still uncertain when it comes to the global industry.

As you may well guess, one of the problems in terms of future investment is the issue of confidence in the market. Sadly, although the results of the Deloitte survey are positive, there is still room for improvement in terms of expectations of optimism and investors putting their money where their mouths are.

Monday, 7 November 2011

Another celebrity chef to help revisit school dinners

You may well recall that in 2005, Jamie Oliver launched a new idea on television in his School Dinners series: he was alarmed by the state of nutrition in school dinners made with catering equipment across the country and the links with obesity and the health of the young generation. As such, he started the now infamous Feed Me Better campaign.

Over the subsequent years, the issue of nutrition and school dinners has been re-evaluated by many educational establishments, in an effort to improve the quality of food available to youngsters. However, the 'battle' Is not yet over and there is still plenty of room for improvement. Sadly, it has been said that Britain has the highest levels of childhood obesity in Europe.

Cue a new celebrity chef who is looking to take up the gauntlet: Marco Pierre White.

It has been reported that this Michelin-starred chef has been in talks with politicians to create a new programme for school meals made with catering equipment, where professionals from the catering profession work alongside the in-house school cooks. The chef met with the education secretary, Michael Gove, relatively recently on the subject.

It is likely that the scheme will be test-driven in some pilot schemes initially, possibly starting with specially chosen primary schools. It has been said that White thinks it is important to encourage a real love of good food early in a child's life.

In the meantime, it is also said that Jamie Oliver is hoping to launch the sequel manifesto to improve the quality of food in the UK.

Friday, 4 November 2011

Dudson Crockery

Dudson crockery is a must for those who want to make the right impression on their customers in the catering industry. Tabletop presentation has a significant effect on the overall dining experience of the customer. Dudson is one of the leading companies in the crockery industry and specialises in providing the latest designs and highest... readmore