Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Coffee, health and Project Waterfall

As part of UK Coffee Week, there have been recent reports in the news about how some local businesses have collaborated, to educate people as to the merits of drinking their coffee and the effects on their health.
UK Coffee Week has been described as having a double benefit – as well as helping coffee-drinkers (or prospective coffee drinkers) learn more about the beverage and the benefits of drinking a regular cup of joe, but it is also an opportunity to raise funds for Project Waterfall.
This scheme is a charitable one and is aimed at delivering clean water to certain African coffee-producing countries in various projects.
Of course, Africa also has strong links with coffee often made with  Astoria Coffee Machines (it is said that coffee was first discovered in Ethiopia and many countries are some of the world's much loved producers of the coffee bean).
However, clean drinking water is one of the minimal standards of life and all people on the globe in 2012 should have access to this fundamental requirement.
As part of the UK Coffee week events, in Clumber Park hotel, Satori Health worked with the hotel and spa to tell visitors about the healthy aspects of drinking coffee which can be made with Astoria Coffee Machines.
For instance, the local news reports quote figures that suggest coffee-drinkers have a longer lifespan than non-drinkers, by five years.
Coffee also has anti-oxidant properties and it is said to benefit the pancreas.
The consumption of coffee is also said to enhance performance in a sporting and working capacity.

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