Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Raising money with the coffee bean for peacebuilding organisation

As reported in the Kenilworth Weekly News, there is a plan underway to raise money for the international organisation CORD. In time-honoured fashion, a church coffee morning using coffee machines will be the stalwart vehicle to gain funds and awareness for this important organisation.

Where and when is the event going to take place? At St Nicholas' church on 23rd September 2011.

CORD was chosen because of its emphasis on proactive and peaceful actions to help those who have suffered during conflict. And CORD certainly has plenty of experience in carrying out valuable work in this arena. For over 40 years and throughout some 26 countries, the organisation has promoted peace after violence and helped communities rebuild their collective lives.

Interestingly, CORD notes that when a population has suffered much violence, they somehow cannot develop the 'capacity' to think of moving forward in non-violent ways. CORD works hard to overcome this problem and looks at the root causes of the conflict. They encourage the communities themselves to become empowered and take charge of their own healing and rebuilding. The imposition of schemes and solutions from the outside, has been found to be less effective.

Where does CORD operate? There are around 800 employees of the organisation in places such as Africa and South East Asia.

The coffee morning using coffee machines will hopefully do much to promote the organisation. It has been chosen, too, because St Nicholas' church wants to support the United Nations International Day of Peace.

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