Friday, 9 September 2011

Do you want to meet up for a coffee?

How often do we offer to meet up with friends, work colleagues, family or potential dates with this question? Given the increasing popularity of coffee shops as the place of choice to meet up, it is little wonder that the website has been such a hit. Of course coffee shops need coffee machines.
It is reported that thousands of Londoners have clocked this website and use it to find recommended places to stop for a cup of coffee and meet up. Published reports suggest over 40,000 users have visited the site since it was launched fourteen days ago.
The person behind the concept is Alasdair Monk. The idea for the website struck him when he found a piece of paper, listing suitable places with wi-fi when he was on campus at his university in Reading. He wanted to replicate the idea online – to give a list of places to drop in if you want a coffee and so on. As such, he created a list of coffee shops and cafes who use coffee machines and also book shops. It is said that he checks out every recommendation personally.
The lists online proved popular and were recommended by word of mouth on the net.
The idea is growing too – not only is Monk covering the London area – he is also looking into creating a similar website for coffee shops and places to meet in New York. The aim though, according to reports, is to keep things simple. Despite requests for more websites for other cities, he's limiting the idea to London and New York for now.

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