Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Concerns About E.coli in South East Wales

Of course, food hygiene and preparation together with strict compliance with health and safety obligations is something that all catering establishments need to be mindful of. It has transpired that there are problems in South East Wales however – there have been eight cases of outbreaks of food poisoning by E.coli. This brings into sharp relief the reasons why care needs to be taken when preparing food.

What has happened? The latest in the unfolding drama is that The Adonis Kebab House in Cardiff has been subjected to an order to request them to stop trading. A consultant in Communicable Disease for Public Health in Wales has been quoted as saying that there has been serious bacterial infection, which has resulted in pain in the abdomen and diarrhoea. One victim is still in hospital, according to reports at the time of writing. Apparently around 53 people have contacted Public Health Wales since Monday. Maybe they need some better catering equipment.

As a result of this health issue, investigations are underway. The Conservative party is so concerned that they have asked for restaurants and takeaways to be obliged to make their food hygiene ratings public. It has been made clear, for example, that the Adonis Kebab House was inspected in July and was only given a one out of five rating under the food hygiene ratings system. The proposal would mean that customers could evaluate the standards of the eating establishment and be in a position to make an informed decision before they choose to eat and buy food prepared there.

The investigation and monitoring continues.

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