Friday, 2 September 2011

Recession? What recession?

Here's some good news from the Recruitment and Employment Confederation and KPMG Report on Jobs. Want to hear it? There is a greater demand for people working in the hotel and catering equipment industry in the United Kingdom over June. While there are riots, government cut backs, staffing reductions, worries about a double dip and fears about the monetary stability because of the financial situation in America and the Eurozone, the catering equipment industry is doing all right for itself.

What did the results show? There was a slightly higher demand for temporary workers than permanent staff. In addition, the report commented that the position which is lacking skilled workers are chefs jobs. The Chief Executive of the REC commented that there were more placings of permanent workers in June which might account for the difference in demand for temporary and permanent staff. However, the official figures show a staggering 23 months of continued increase in permanent staff placings.

One recent such success story is the merger between BaxterStory and Holroyd Howe. The former company was one of the largest British independent catering companies as at 2006 and the latter company listed as one of the Sunday Times best UK company employers.

The result of this partnership will, it is said, form a 'platform for growth' which can only be welcome news to those in the industry. A coffee shop chain, Benungo, has also recently been acquired by BaxterStory to 'expand… reach into the venue market.'

Things are looking up, it would appear.

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