Monday, 19 September 2011

C House coffee shops look to the UAE

Let's face it – the world loves coffee. Many countries that were previously not known for their love of the coffee bean have been converted. China, Russia, India - they are all developing a growing love affair with the beverage.

C House

And now, as reported recently, the Italian brand, C House, is about to be launched in the UAE – the estimated date for the new venture is the end of this year. The coffee has had much success with its brand overseas and so the odds are that this will also be a success. Already, C House has almost 50 sites in countries including Morocco, Greece, Spain, India and the UK.

The company, based in Milan in Italy, has developed a reputation for its stunning interior design and prides itself on its 'perfect espresso.' Those who applaud the company are impressed by the use of seven different coffee beans to create the espresso. C House also goes to some lengths to create a signature coffee experience by using lounges, coffee machines and design to create the right atmosphere.

The franchise consultant, MEFranchising, is said to be helping out with the translation of the brand to the UAE. C House has gone on record as confirming that they are aware of the sophistication of the Middle East's tastes and are anxious to ply them with an excellent example of their service, décor and coffee-drinking experience. If they play their cards right, they could be on to a winner.

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