Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Local food festivals a good way to raise profile

At this time of year, food festivals abound to coincide with the traditional harvest when nature yields up many of her edible treasures. Given the increasing popularity of locally sourced produce and local talent, this is an excellent opportunity for brands to showcase their skills and products to their community – both raising profiles and also, potentially, cash.

For example, as recently reported in the Telegraph, there is to be a nine-day harvest festival in Cornwall from the 1 – 9 October this year. Local chefs will be attending the event to give advice to the visitors on how to maximise on the harvest from their garden. In addition, there will be cookery demonstrations using catering equipment and food tastings – there are a few big names also taking part, including Norman Musa from the Ning Restaurant and Michael Smith from Porthminster CafĂ©.

The Eden Project will also feature with some of their food producers to hand. There will be apple pressing and cider making workshops, plus bakery lessons too. In good old-fashioned tradition, visitors can also learn the arts of bottling and preserving. This taps in well to the current preoccupation of saving money and home-made produce which has been triggered by the economic climate and also the importance of environmentally friendly food and using catering equipment.

The food-centred attractions will be supplemented by arts, crafts, music and dancing.

Another local example is the St James Harvest Festival in Manchester. Again, local artisans will attend and a 'famous Chilli Cook Off' is planned together with a Food Grill and Healthy Foods Table.

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