Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Coffee company success despite financial climate

Have you heard of Matthew Algie, the coffee roasting company? It's a Glaswegian company and is doing well, notwithstanding the recession, global downturn and other financial wrinkles thank you very much.

Secretly, many of us will be heartened by this news. So much financial boom time seems to be built on confidence in the market and so forth, that word of increased profits and business success is something to be celebrated.

Matthew Algie is in fact said to be the biggest independent roaster in the UK roasting coffee for coffee machines. Although there has been an increase in the cost of certain items, the company is reporting an upturn in profits. The company put the reason for this phenomenon down to the preference of consumers for a little treat from time to time. They believe that, despite the cutbacks and frugal practices that are being implemented in homes around the country, people are still managing to enjoy a decent cup of coffee made with coffee machines. Life's little treats and luxuries can make hardships more palatable, after all.

So which customers does Matthew Algie supply? The list of clients is said to be rather impressive. Their coffee is sold to various hotels and other retailers including big names such as Marks & Spencer, Sainsbury's and the Houses of Parliament.

And how good is business? Apparently there was an increase in the operating profit of the Matthew Algie company in 2010 of 12% and a healthy growth in turnover of about 10%.

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