Tuesday, 17 January 2012

New year celebrations with free coffee

A nice way to start 2012, no? As reported in many headlines, there is one American company which chooses to reward its customers with a free coffee service. What is the deal? Cumberland Farms will start the new year by enticing in customers with a free drink of joe. The arrangement is scheduled to start at 5pm on the last day of December 2011 until the same time on the following day.

This is the fifth year on the trot that the company has celebrated in this coffee-friendly way. The President of the company has been reported as confirming that it loves tradition and rituals and also wants to give something back to the communities which support the business throughout the rest of the year.

This particular blend of coffee uses Arabica coffee beans and offers many different forms of coffee-based drinks. Iced coffee is on the menu or other hot types too. The company started, apparently, in 1939 and has grown since then to cover a series of convenience shops in eleven American states. This is a nation that loves its cup of coffee. However, the company still retains some of the elements of its beginnings – it is still a family business and also works to raise funds for the local community, not simply during the free New Year programme. For instance, Cumberland Farms also helps with local issues such as helping the hungry and disabled and other good causes in the local community.

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