Monday, 16 January 2012

Coffee expansion plans for bakery from the North east

It is strange, but you can find an encouraging number of news items these days to prove that the coffee business is doing very well, despite the economic gloom. It seems that there are certain things that people are willing to sacrifice when they make their financial cut-backs, but that coffee breaks and gatherings are treats that have not been axed.

One such good news story in the headlines at the moment is that of the baker from the North East of the country, Greggs. They are, it would appear, an all round success story. Not only did the bakery section of the company manage to shift over 7.5 MILLION mince pies over the festive period, but they also seem to be excelling in their coffee shop ventures.

What's the story? According to reports, the pilot scheme that Greggs has experimented with did very well thank you very much. 'Greggs Moment,' the coffee shop, opened in the autumn 2011 in Newcastle and it has inspired the company to expand and open more outlets (according to quotes from the chief executive).

Apparently, the coffee arm of the business is going for a whole new look from the bakery arm of the business. The word on the street is that the coffee outlet is filled with sofas and wooden tables, which compete with other coffee houses in the market.

News of potential growth in the company may create jobs. It is said that Greggs is looking to open some 90 new shops in 2012, which will hopefully make some 800 job opportunities.

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