Friday, 6 January 2012

Happy employment news for those in Grantham

Fed up of hearing about economic disasters? From the spectacular problems of countries such as Greece and Italy, to the local tales of woe and increasing job losses, spending cuts and personal debt issues, it's all rather a sorry state of affairs.

Cue: Brakes, the catering equipment supplier of food to many pubs, restaurants and others in the catering industry. This firm is bucking the gloomy trend by offering a ray of sunshine. Why? What is Brakes doing that is causing these statements to be made?

According to reports in the industry press, Brakes is constructing a new 5,200 square metre warehouse in Grantham. The knock on effect of this development, is that 50 jobs have been created at the depot.

This is an addition to the company's already significant workforce of 500 employees in the main site which is to be extended.

The marketing director at the company has been quoted in the press as describing the new facility as a 'single multi-temperature' facility. Of course, the company is putting its money where its mouth is in investing in the building, both in providing work in the area and also in increasing the handling of its food.

The company wants to supply high-quality products to its clients. It is also said that the company prides itself on using seasonal food products which are sourced locally – something that customers often value highly these days. Many restaurants, cafes and supermarkets are using this notion – of seasonal and locally sourced goods, to satisfy their customers too.

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