Friday, 13 January 2012

Bath helps Macmillan Cancer Support with coffee funds

There was a gigantic coffee morning last year – aptly named the World's Biggest Coffee Morning campaign – which was run by the charity Macmillan Cancer Support and aimed to raise funds for the charity. Millions of pounds were raised (and still counting) under the campaign, as coffee mornings, big and small, were held along the length and breadth of Britain. Many did their bit.

The recent online news for the beautiful city of Bath, for instance, has revealed that they did a very good job of making money for the cancer charity. How much did they raise? In excess of £12,000 no less, which was raised in a series of events – more than 182 apparently in the Bath and North East Somerset area – to make money for this cause. And it is said that the money is still coming in from post-coffee event collections.

What sort of things were done in the area to raise money? Apparently, the biggest event in Bath was organised by Ms Samways. Unusually, Ms Samways won a competition which was run by Kenco (the coffee company), to 'win' a coffee morning of a value up to £5,000, which included costs such as the venue, catering and entertainment. The event was held in the Assembly Rooms and the entertainment which was provided was rather spectacular and unlike run-of-the-mill coffee morning entertainment. What was it? A six piece jazz band was on hand to entertain those at the event and also a man creating models out of balloons. Something for everyone, in fact.

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