Tuesday, 21 February 2012

New app to help with suggestions about caffeine intake

I suspect that one of the most popular times to have a cup of coffee is in the morning when the caffeine fix is just what is needed to kick start the day. However, it seems that the many coffee lovers just love to sip on the stuff at any time of day or night. Recently, a new app has been created to help give information to the coffee drinker about the projected levels of caffeine in their system to better understand the sleeping and waking states of the body.

The app was created by two doctors from the Penn State University, Dr Frank Ritter and Dr Kuo-Chuan Yeh. The app is designed to reveal projections of the caffeine levels in an individual over a 24 hour period to help the coffee lover to see the effects of the caffeine on the body and work out the optimum times for certain activities. For instance, the app shows you when you are in a 'sleep zone' when the caffeine levels have dropped so that an individual could sleep. Alternatively, the 'cognitive active zone' is indicated when the individual is awake and alert.

The app also helps users to map out their caffeine intake to maximum effect, depending on their daily schedules. The app is not medical but charts the ideal times for the consumption of coffee to be extra awake and when to leave it to wind down towards sleep.

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