Thursday, 21 April 2011

Catering equipment Instanta Water Boilers

Catering equipment Instanta water boilers are perfect for catering equipment use and come in a number of different form factors and sizes. This allows potential buyers to find the right water boiler for their needs at a price that they can afford.
If you want a water boiler which will sit on a counter and also produce steam for the preparation of beverages and food then the Instanta WB2, which has dual steam nozzles and versatile, consistent controls operated electronically, might be a good choice.
 Where there is no counter space available you might consider one of Instanta’s wall mounted water boilers. The WM15-3SS is one such boiler and with its counter top counterparts it will keep temperatures consistent. It has an hourly output of 168 cups and can be integrated into a plumbing system so that it can automatically refill itself.

Within the catering equipment counter top autofill selection there are a variety of models, to suit both your budget and your requirements in terms of functionality. A number of the units boast scale warning, intelligent diagnostics and digital displays; and some offer seven day programmable timers. The Instanta models are at the top of their game where technology is concerned.
Whilst greater functionality necessarily requires a larger footprint this is still of adequate proportions to take up a relatively small space on a counter.
Instanta’s CT range of counter top water boilers offer varying outputs and heat up times. At the top of the line is the CT6000-9 which can provide a consistent heat of 98 degrees Celsius and an hourly output of 510 average cups from its dual nozzles. Its 36 litre capacity means you can get 216 cups as soon as the 26 minute heat up period has elapsed and it is fully programmable so that you can set it into operation at necessary periods over a week.
Also supplying two catering equipment counter top steam and water boilers, both with advanced electronic controls and large high pressure non-drip trays; as well as being compact, reliable and long lasting and approved under the Water Bylaws scheme – we are able to cater for your hot water requirements in numerous ways. Leaving nothing uncovered, we can also provide you with cup holder carousels or a combined water boiler / chiller, should either be of interest.

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